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S. W. Eran Chinthaka

Eran Chinthaka is a pioneering member of Apache Axis2, Axiom and
Synapse projects, working full time with WSO2. He has been working on
web services, business process automation, mobile development and
telecommunication network management based projects.



Apache's Axis2 employs profound lessons learned from its popular predecessor, offering the developer vastly improved XML parsing along with an extensible core, pluggable data binding, and more. In this article, S. W. Eran Chinthaka offers an overview of what's new in Axis2, the "next generation" of...
Tree- and event-based XML parsing, like SAX and DOM respectively, force the developer to make problematic tradeoffs of performance and code clarity. JSR-173 offers the Streaming API for XML, StAX, which allows the client much more control and a more sensible approach to XML parsing. Eran...
XML parsing often offers a Hobson's Choice of implementations: get events during the parse (and lose the parsed structure), or get the whole structure (and wait for the entire stream to be parsed before you can have any of it). Apache Axis 2 is using a new object model, AXIOM, that offers a...