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Ron Hitchens

Ron Hitchens is a California-based computer geek whose career dates
back to the disco era. His first computer was a punched-card
mainframe. The last one (so far) is a G4 Mac PowerBook. Not just a
good idea, it's Moore's Law.

Ron has done a little of everything but mostly concentrated on Java
for the last few years as a consultant,
author and employee
of failed startups.
Ron recently joined Mark Logic Corporation,
a successful startup, where he is a Senior Engineer, Editor-In-Chief of the
xq:zone Developer Website and
discovering the world of XQuery.



Thursday was an interesting day, but tiring. The third day of a conference always seems to be the roughest in terms of comfort level.

I don't get to do a lot of whizzy graphical stuff in my day-to-day work. I mostly do the typical back-end, multi-threaded server kind of thing. I spend most of my time thinking about API design...

The big announcements today were centered around JavaFX and Blu-Ray, as expected. Neil Young was entertaining (I guess that's not surprising, he is an entertainer after all). There was the...

Holy smokes, is it JavaOne again already? Didn't we just do this a few months ago?

Offshoring accelerating, layoffs left and right, doom, gloom, oh me, oh my.

And yet, I just landed a terrific job at a great startup (thanks Jason)....

I found this week's Robert X. Cringely column especially interesting. They're always interesting, but this one is about...

A reference to this article by Clay Shirky was posted to a Patterns mailing list I...

>I was lucky enough to spend all of last week at Software Development Expo West ( href=""
>SD West
>) in Santa Clara, California. I usually...

Eric S. Raymond has posted an open letter to Sun on the topic of open source and Java. With typical ESR directness, he tells Sun...

Java Developer Journal is running a press release, er, article about Sun's latest marcom that "Middleware is History". I suppose...

I love Java. I love writing Java code. I've even
written a Java book. I've used zillions of
programming languages and Java is the...