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The state of JavaFX tooling

All the JavaFX tools are based on the basic
command-line tools contained in the JavaFX SDK. Tools to invoke the
compiler, and package,
and document
JavaFX applications.

And of course, since JavaFX is itself
built in and on Java, the tried and tested Java tools are often useful,
especially in profiling and debugging JavaFX applications. Like using
the profiler
in the Java ME SDK 3.0 to profile JavaFX applications on mobile devices.
Or JConsole for seeing what's
going on in a JavaFX application on the desktop.

NetBeans has long supported JavaFX,
even as the technology was still developing. And there has been Eclipse support for some time,
though perhaps not
to first class support level in NetBeans. However this might change
now that Exadel
is developing another Eclipse plugin for JavaFX (NB: Original post said JBoss was making it, sorry!). Such competition
has historically been good for making tools better. So it looks like
support for the JavaFX
Script coder is building out nicely, whether
or not IntelliJ decides to support it.

And in the quest to have such developers work closely with graphic
designers, the JavaFX
Production Suite is a big help, such as for writing
graphics-rich games, such as this article details.

And with the JavaFX
team at Sun working on a new JavaFX design tool, those with a more
artistic bent than a technical one should be able to join in the fun.