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Summarizing Java language changes for JDK 7

There haven't any changes to the Java
language since J2SE
5.0 in 2004. But there are several planned for JDK 7, coming from a
variety of sources (sic). Here's a quick summary:

1) Module
support. Known historially as superpackages, though
they are assuredly
not, this promises to sit atop a variety of module
systems to
let developers partition big chunks of code more effectively.

2) Type Annotations.
three in the popular annotations program, this hopes to further
extend the reach of attaching
meta-data to Java code by letting developers put it in more

3) And of course, Project
Coin. The small
useful changes to soothe away some of the common irritations with
the langauge. The most likely handful have been picked (Strings
in switch, improved
exception handling, ARM
blocks, improved
type inference, Null
safe operators, and simplified
varargs), and there's another handful going
through the mangle. Including some
rather interesting ones for developers hoping to use JSR 292 to
implement (better, faster...) a dynamic
language on the JVM.

might be glad of that !