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JavaFX Coding Challenge Winners

You don't need to wait for the Java App Store to
open its doors layer this summer to see what kind of commercial
applications you can use JavaFX to
create. Just take a look at the winners of the
JavaFX coding challenge.

In first place, Sten
Anderson's Music Explorer FX uses the Echo Nest
service to power a beautiful, engaging fullscreen application that
pulls images, videos, plays music, shows news and reviews, similar
artists, and keeps a history or your musical exploration.

Next is Naoaki Suganuma's
LifeScope: hooking up to a server hosted on Google's App Engine,
this application pulls data
from your blog,
examines EXIF
data from your photo library and the friends Gmail
address book to chain together an interactive view of the events and
friends so catalogued.

And in third place, Evgeni Sergeev's
ShiningEtherFX is an image creation tool specially
for making background images for web pages or RIA applications by
compositing layers of images created from a color scheme, path curve
and profile.

And there were student winners too. Check them out.