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JavaLand 2015 is Coming - Early Adopter Area not to be Missed

JavaLand is coming soon. With lots of great Sessions and don't forget the Early Adopter Area. It will be held March 24-25 at Phantasialand, in Germany. That's right folks, you can go to a theme park, and call it work.

JavaOne Community Keynote moved

The JavaOne Community Keynote has been moved into a larger space due to the overwhelming attendance of previous sessions.
The Keynote will now be at the Marriott Marquis (on 4th St near Mission St) in the Salon Ballroom 7/8/9.

OTN Virtual Technology Summit - July 9

The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is excited to invite you to our first Virtual Technology Summit. Learn first hand from Java Champions and Oracle experts as they share their insight and expertise on using Java.

Why 12 Factor Application Patterns, Microservices and CloudFoundry Matter

Tim Spann explores some of the modern design and architecture patterns, why they are necessary and the issues they address.

Top 10 Easy Performance Optimisations in Java

Lukas Eder points out 10 easy things we can do to make our code more scalable. Includign code samples.

Inconsistent operation widen rules in Java

Peter Lawrey shares an excellent explanation of exactly what happen when arithmatic operations are performed with numeric values of different typre. Including code samples.

Go for the Money! JSR 354 Adds First Class Money and Currency Support to Java

Anatole Tresch gives a great overview of JSR 354 from the reasons it was needed to how to use it. Including code samples

Infinite Loops. Or: Anything that Can Possibly Go Wrong, Does.

A discussion of why while(true) and for(;;) aren't generally advisable how to address them, and even when they should be used. Somehow, infinite loops and Murphy's Law seemed appropriate for Friday the 13th.

Getting rid of Getters and Setters in your POJO

Mohamed Sanaulla makes an interesting argument for eliminating getters and setters from POJO code by effectively making the POJO immutable. Including code samples.

Is WebSocket Session really thread safe?

Pavel Bucek guides us through JSR 356, Java API for WebSocket, as it relates to thread safety.