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Internet Of Things: Oracle IoT Forum (April 24, Online)

Learn How to Plug Into the Internet of Things A global network of billions of devices sharing data is opening up unprecedented business opportunities. How well positioned is your company to take advantage of this seismic shift? Join Oracle, our partners and customers on Thursday, April 24 to learn how to turn the Internet of Things into real business value.

Milton Smith: Secure Coding Guidelines for Java SE

[article] With so much happening around the Java platform, it’s understandable if you missed the recent improvements we made to the Secure Coding Guidelines for Java SE. In January 2014 the Java Platform Group released a significant update, Java 7 Update 51 establishing code-signing as the default for Applets and Web Start applications.


Michael Scharhag: Groovy 2.3 introduces traits

[article] A few days ago the second beta of Groovy 2.3 got released. One of the major new Groovy 2.3 features are traits. A trait is a reusable set of methods and fields that can be added to one or more classes. A class can be composed out of multiple traits without using multiple inheritance (and therefore avoiding the diamond problem).


Reza Rahman: GlassFish Story by Rakuten/Makito Hashiyama

[article] Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Japan and perhaps the world. They chose GlassFish to form a core of their extensive (24 X 7) platform (they also use Oracle Coherence).


Geertjan Wielenga: Swedish Economy Modeling on the NetBeans Platform

WamSys AB, located in Gothenburg, Sweden, focuses on developing products with Oracle DB and the NetBeans Platform. In particular, the NetBeans Platform is used as the basis of their Mozart Platform, which provides generic modules for custom Swing components, including a table component with support for grouping, "frozen" rows and columns, and built-in aggregates.

Tal Weiss: Java 8 LongAdders: The Right Way To Manage Concurrent Counters

[article] I just lOvE new toys, and Java 8 has a bunch of them. This time around I want to talk about one of my favourites – concurrent adders. This is a new set of classes for managing counters written and read by multiple threads. The new API promises significant performance gains, while still keeping things simple and straightforward....

Diana Kupfer: Java 8 support in Eclipse

[article] In this interview (originally published in German in Eclipse Magazine), Martin Lippert, Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal Inc talks about the latest Java release, and the ups, downs, and aspirations of Eclipse IDE development. JAX: What are the highlights of Java 8 for you?

Change in Schedule - IoT Developer Challenge Training

Thank you for registering for the upcoming session about the Java ME Embedded Tips and Tricks.

Due to a family emergency, our instructor had to postpone this session. The session will be on May 5th same time.


[article] As a UI framework developer it is part of my job to provide ways to customize the appearance and behavior of my controls. In many cases this is done by allowing the framework user to register a factory on a control. In the past I would have created a factory interface for this and provided one or more default implementations within the framework.

Eric Jendrock: Java EE 7 Tutorial Updated!

The latest update to the Java EE 7 Tutorial is now public. Update 7.0.4 includes many bug fixes, both in the examples and in the documentation. Although most of these fixes were small, taken together they significantly improve the quality of the tutorial.