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Multiple JVM Languages at JavaOne 2009

It's a good thing that the work to turbo-charge
the JVM for multiple languages will make it into the JDK 7
builds in time for JavaOne, because as Roberto
blogs, there's another scripting
showdown planned. Last year they duked
it out over a Twitter client (JRuby
took the prize), what
should it be this year ?

There are also great sessions planned each of the contestants in the
Script Bowl 2009: representing Clojure,

And, to better understand how these all run, and can run better on the
JVM, in a dual play on 'rebirth' and a period in european
history starting in 15th century Italy, where scholars were noted
for their pursuit of multiple skills, as typified by Lenonardo DaVinci, John and Brian are lining up an interesting
talk on the Renaissance JVM.

out the JavaOne session catalog yourself here)