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JUG Member Spotlights

Dan Sline has over 16 years in the software industry working with various financial, health care, utilities, energy, and education systems.

He has been using Java and its related technologies since 2000. He is a Vice President and an Architect with a large financial company. He has a B.S. in Business Management with Minors in Math and Computing from Ithaca College (12/1992) and a M.S. in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University (12/1995). He is also a Sun Certified Developer (SCJD).

He is very active in the Java User Group Community with his involvement in the Global Java User Group community as well as a JCP Liaison for various Java User Groups (JUG-USA, Central Ohio Java Users Group, and Houston Java User’s Group). He has presented at his local JUG meetings and Houston Techfest (Dan was also the Java Speaker Coordinator for the first four events until he moved to Columbus, Ohio this year). Dan also led and organized the Improving your Java User Group BOF Panel at Java One in 2009.

Prior to joining his current company in 2006, Dan worked as a Senior Developer and Technical Architect for Logica CMG (formerly Severn Trent Systems) from 2000 to 2006, various consulting projects from 1997 to 2000, and EDS from 1994 to 1997 (and graduated from their Systems Engineer Development program).

Bar?? Bal is an Agile Coach and Trainer living in Ankara, Turkey. He has over 8 years
expertise in IT domain. He has worked for companies in IT, Defence and Telecom
sectors in many diverse roles, software engineer, analyst, project manager etc. He
helped those companies on their Agile adoption and transformation and still helping
others. Nowadays, he provides training and coaching services to companies by
putting together his theoretical and practical knowledge about Agile. He is also
founder of Scrum Turkey community and approved Turkish translator of Scrum
Guide. He shares his knowledge and ideas at local events such as JUGs, seminars.
He actively blogs at

Cagatay Civici is a member of JavaServer Faces Expert Group, the founder and
project lead of popular PrimeFaces Component Suite, PMC member of open source
JSF implementation Apache MyFaces and committer of Atmosphere Ajax
Push/Comet Framework. He's a recognized speaker in international conferences
including JavaOne, Jax, W-Jax, SpringOne, Jazoon, ConFess, JSFDays, JSFSummit
and many local events such as JUGs. Cagatay is also an author and technical
reviewer of several books regarding web application development with Java and
JSF. As an experienced trainer, he has trained over 300 java developers on Java EE
technologies mainly JSF, Spring, EJBs and JPA

I am a futurist with a fundamental belief that technology can transform and enlighten, or condemn us. It is for us to decide.

John Yeary is a Java evangelist and has been working with Java since 1995. John is a technical blogger with a focus on Java Enterprise Edition technology, NetBeans, and GlassFish. John is currently the President of the Greenville Java Users Group (GreenJUG), and its founder. The Greenville Java Users Group celebrated its 10th year as a JUG in 2012. He is as instructor, mentor, and a prolific open source contributor.

John graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a B.Sc. Marine Engineering with a concentration in mathematics. He is a merchant marine officer, and has a number of licenses and certifications. When he is not doing Java and F/OSS projects he likes to hike, sail, travel, and spend time with his family. John is also a Cub Scout Den Leader in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Pack 833 Den 8, and a Unit Commissioner.

Organizations and Projects

  • Southeast Linuxfest Foundation Treasurer and Board Member
  • Java User Groups Community Leader (
  • Java Enterprise Community Leader (
  • JavaOne Technical Content Reviewer - Java Tools and Emerging Languages (4 Years)
  • JavaOne Technical Content Reviewer - Java EE Platform and Frameworks (2 Years)
  • JavaOne 2011 Planning Committee
  • Duke's Choice Award Selection Committee (2010-2012)
  • JavaOne Speaker (2009, 2010-2012)
  • OSCON committee member
  • JCP member
  • Project Woodstock Committer and Maintainer (
  • Java Boot Camp Project Owner (

Brazilian JavaMan, the Guy with the Flag

Bruno Souza is a Java Developer and Open Source Evangelist at Summa Technologies, and a Cloud Expert at ToolsCloud. Nurturing developer communities is a personal passion, and Bruno worked actively with Java, NetBeans, Open Solaris, OFBiz, and many other open source communities. As founder and coordinator of SouJava (The Java Users Society), one of the world's largest Java User Groups, Bruno leaded the expansion of the Java movement in Brazil. Founder of the Worldwide Java User Groups Community, Bruno helped the creation and organization of hundreds of JUGs worldwide. A Java Developer since the early days, Bruno participated in some of the largest Java projects in Brazil.

Bruno is also Honorary Director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), President of the innovation-focused Campus Party Institute, and Coordinator of Nuvem, the Cloud Computing Lab of LSI/USP. When not in front of a computer, Bruno enjoys time with his family in a little hideout near São Paulo. An amateur in many things -- photographer, puppeteer, father -- he strives to be good in some of them.

Michael is a community guy. He established and drives the JUG Cologne, is member of the JCP and is one of the JUGs community leaders on He helps and supports the community wherever possible. His attitude is: community is more than the sum of individuals. Community work can start small, and its voluntary work often means: invest much personal time to support the community family.

Michael is freelance delivery engineer and experts on Continuous Delivery, Agile ALM and DevOps. He has written a couple of books including 'Agile ALM' (Manning) and 'DevOps for Developers' (Apress).

Further information: Follow him on Twitter:

Java enthusiast in Iceland and a JUG leader of JUGICE - the Icelandic Java user group. Reynir started using Java while attending a university class in 1996, and has been working full time with java since 1999. He is the Chief techology officer of Hugsmiðjan ehf, a leading Java and web solutions company in Iceland. His main responsibilities are leading the development of the Eplica content management system, and making technology reviews and decisions as needed for intergration projects and onward development of the Eplica system.

Reynir started the JUGICE user group few years ago as he felt he needed some inspiration, and thought getting in touch with other programmers, working in the same field of technologies could be interesting. To begin with the group consisted of him and few current and former colleagues, but the group grew well and now there are around 90 members registered. This is quite a success since the population in Iceland is quite small. The group has bi-monthly meetups, with topics on Java and other JVM languages (such as Scala and Groovy), Agile methods and any other technology that might be interesting to those who attend.

The most Java-man on earth, lives in Jakarta, in the Java Island, Indonesia. I am also a Java Champion and Oracle Ace Director.

Frans Thamura, the most Java man on earth, leads JUG Indonesia - one of the biggest and most active user groups in the country. He is also an advisor of JENI (Indonesian Java Education Program) and founded jTechnopreneur, a technopreneur program based on Java that focuses on link & match between Java requirements in the industry and Java requirements in education.

Formerly a Java Enterpreneur an now Java Investor in jTechnopreneur he helps his students become new Java enterpreneurs. He leads the oldest and biggest OpenSource Project in the country - BlueOxygen and Meruvian. He also leads the Meruvian Foundation as a non profit organization to help students to get a better life using Java. He was born on West Java Island and speaks one of 2 Java languages called Sunda fluently.

A Java/JEE and open source advocate who believes in the creative power of technical communities.

Martijn Verburg is a Java/JEE and open source advocate who believes in the creative power of technical communities. He is the community lead for the PCGen and Ikasan open source projects and helps run several technical communities in London (under/graduate Developers, CTOs and of course the JUG).

You can also find him tending the bar at the Coderanch (aka Javaranch) or answering questions in the Programmers section of Stack Exchange. Most recently he's been working on "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" with Ben Evans and speaking at a variety of Java and open source conferences.

Currently abiding in London, Martijn tries to keep out of the pubs (especially during the football season), but fails miserably :)