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Reynir Thor Huebner

Java User Group: JUGICE
Java enthusiast in Iceland and a JUG leader of JUGICE - the Icelandic Java user group. Reynir started using Java while attending a university class in 1996, and has been working full time with java since 1999. He is the Chief techology officer of Hugsmiðjan ehf, a leading Java and web solutions company in Iceland. His main responsibilities are leading the development of the Eplica content management system, and making technology reviews and decisions as needed for intergration projects and onward development of the Eplica system.


Reynir started the JUGICE user group few years ago as he felt he needed some inspiration, and thought getting in touch with other programmers, working in the same field of technologies could be interesting. To begin with the group consisted of him and few current and former colleagues, but the group grew well and now there are around 90 members registered. This is quite a success since the population in Iceland is quite small. The group has bi-monthly meetups, with topics on Java and other JVM languages (such as Scala and Groovy), Agile methods and any other technology that might be interesting to those who attend.

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