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JUG News

(Nov 28, 2012) Mauritius Java User Group Joins JUG Community

I would like to announce the setting up of Mauritius Java User Group and also we are inviting Java Experts around the world to come and talk in our Country. We have a big java community but we are still very "old-fashion" in terms of java usage although we have big companies like Accenture,Ceridian, Infosys, TNT Express IT Department, Business & Decision and others here in our country. Since we are a bilingual community, we can welcome speaker talking either french or english. So...

(Feb 26, 2012) Java People by Zoran Sevarac

Zoran Sevarac created a great video called "Java People". Check out the video on YouTube.

(Jan 13, 2012) A further bunch of JUG web pages updated

After I've intensively updated a bunch of JUG related web pages on, especially those that can be reached from the new/updated "JUG Resources" block on our main entry page, we now have a dramatically reduced number of open issues and a better user experience. After past infrastructure changes, there are still some "old" pages that must be...

(Jan 11, 2012) Algeria JUG to Hold Third Meeting 2J2E(journée de java pour les étudiants de l'esi)

A third meeting called 2J2E(journée de java pour les étudiants de l'esi) is scheduled on 1/16/2012 at ESI ...

(Nov 28, 2011) Algeria JUG First Meeting

The Algeria JUG held their first meeting which ran in conjunction with Software Freedom Day. The event was a great success with a number of attendees.

Check out the pictures on FaceBook

(Nov 7, 2011)
Algeria JUG Growing in Popularity

Ferhat Guezlane, JUG Leader Algeria JUG, contacted me recently to tell me of all the new happenings at his JUG. You can follow along with their success at the links below.

JUG is growing larger in Algeria :

Our future events...

(Nov 7, 2011) Community happening at Devoxx

November 14th - 18th the annual Devoxx conference will take place again at Metropolis Antwerp, Belgium. In past years, the conference was always a place where the JUG community has met. If you'll join the happening for the first time, why don't you announce your appearance at the JUG leaders mailing list (must be logged-in to see the mailing lists; please monitor the list to get information about meet-...

(Oct 25, 2011) Headway software supports your local JUG

I'm happy to announce that from now on (in the first increment limited to end of 2012) Headway will support the JUG community. Headway will provide one fully functional perpetual license of Structure101 to one attendee, and one Restructure101 to another attendee, at each JUG meeting. The meeting organizers can decide how and to whom they grant the licenses, but the winners must be announced at the meetings. The organizers should send a...

(Oct 21, 2011)
Algeria JUG Graduates Incubator

Please join me in welcoming the latest member to the growing JUG community worldwide: Algeria JUG. It is with great excitement that I welcome Ferhat Guezlane as the JUG leader to our community. In a conversation with Ferhat, I asked what are the next steps for your JUG. He included this for all of you who want to participate.

For our next meeting we are planning to do :

  • Oracle and Java workshops for...
(Oct 10, 2011) First Big Event of Guatejug (Guatemala, Central America)

Two months ago one of the most active Drupal community members in our country and a great collaborator with our JUG came to a JUG meeting with a great idea "What if we do a full day activity dedicated to Java?", one meeting later we started plans for that activity conveniently code-named "Java Day" so I asked for a space in as a JUG and the event started to take shape.

The results, the level of motivation, cohesion, and...

(Aug 22, 2011)
Now Available: the JavaOne 2011 Schedule Builder

JavaOne Schedule Builder is live at last! Don't get shut out - go to Schedule Builder NOW to reserve your space in the must-attend sessions on your list. See recommendations for sessions that might be of interest to you, find the partners you want to hear and the demos you want to see. Even build your interests list. Don't wait - popular sessions...

(Jul 31, 2011)
Java User Group Augsburg (JUG Augsburg) Graduates Incubator

The JUG Augsburg graduates from the JUG Incubator project. Congrats to Oliver "Olli" Becherer, JUG Leader, for completing the requirements for graduation. JUG Augsburg has been very active, and is working on an OpenMeetings project server which looks very promising.

Please take a moment to congratulate Olli and his JUG members for their accomplishment, and we will look forward to their OpenMeeting project work.

(Jul 11, 2011)
Greenville Java Users Group - Who Moved My Module? Building and Releasing Modular Software - 28th of July

Yoav Landman from JFrog, Ltd. will be presenting to the Greenville Java Users Group. You can register for the event at JUGEvents:

Abstract: Long gone are the days of sticking binaries in version control or onto a shared drive. In this session we will explore the various options, changes and the challenges in...

(Jul 11, 2011)
Greenville Java Users Group - Java 7 Launch Event

Java 7 Launch Event is here in Greenville, South Carolina. We will be celebrating the Java 7 Launch Event on Thursday 14th of June. We have a guest speaker, Danny Coward, from Oracle coming to the event. Danny will be discussing the new language features in Java 7, and providing lots of code examples. If you want to learn more about Java 7, and how to take advatage of its new ease of use features, this is the event to attend.

(Jul 6, 2011)
Sibiu JUG Graduates from JUG Incubator

Congratulations to Cojocaru Euge for successfully completing the requirements to graduate Sibiu JUG from the JUG incubator.

Additionally they have just had the first meeting

(Jul 6, 2011)
Java User Group Cergy Graduates from JUG Incubator

Congratulations to Kaesar Alnijres for successfully completing the requirements for graduation from the incubator. We are glad to welcome you into the JUG community and wish you the best of luck with your new JUG.

Additional information on the JUG can be found on their wiki page.

(Jul 6, 2011)
Duke's Choice Awards Open for Nominations

Duke's Choice Awards are now open for nominations! For the ninth year running, we are looking for most compelling implementations of Java technology. Duke's Choice Awards are part of the Oracle Excellence Awards, Java Innovation 2011 program. Winners get a Duke statue, a free JavaOne full conference pass, and their winning implementation will be showcased at JavaOne. Winners are announced at JavaOne....

(Jul 6, 2011)
Java is moving forward, and so is Duke!

Do you like the new Duke? Have you gotten the new Duke screensaver yet? Follow @java or Like I <3 Java on Facebook and get the latest 3D, animated "Future Tech Duke" screensaver.

(Jul 6, 2011)
Introducing Java 7: Moving Java Forward

As a member of the Java community, you played a critical role in building Java 7. You contributed great ideas for new features and new ways of working and collaborating to take the next step in development. And now, it's time to celebrate with a global gathering of the Java community--online and live. See...

(Apr 25, 2011)
OKJSP Developer Community 10th Anniversary

The biggest java community site of Korea with daily visit count up to 18,000, reported by google analytics celebrated 10th anniversary seminar last 26th March, in NIPA (National Internet Promotional Agency) hall. There were 130 attendees at the event. Afterwards they celebrated with a Korean style dinner party.
The link translated in english, reported by Korean developer's news site.