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JUG News

(Apr 29, 2013) Open API Hackathon: Win A Trip to JavaOne San Francisco and more!

Orange Labs is running a contest for the next cool app powered by Java, in association with City of Warsaw and with investment partner IQ Partners.

The Grand Prize is an invitation to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 & JavaOne 2013 w San Francisco – hotel, airfare, and admission included! Three first place prizes are internships at Orange Labs. And the best business-oriented application creator IQ Partners SA will help to...

(Apr 4, 2013) OSCON 2013 Program Announced

Registration is open for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2013 and we know you won’t want to miss it, especially this year—it’s going to be an extraordinary event. We're celebrating OSCON's 15th anniversary with a look back at open source's rich history, some prognosticating about tomorrow, excellent after-hours events, and, as always, a deep dive into open source today.

And we've assembled a great...

(Mar 16, 2013) NetFlix CloudPrize - $200K up for grabs

This contest is for software developers.

Step 0 - You need your own GitHub account
Step 1 - Read the rules in the Wiki
Step 2 - Fork this repo to your own GitHub account
Step 3 - Send us your email address
Step 4 - Modify your copy of the repo as your Submission

NetFlix's codebase runs on the JVM and is mostly Java!

(Mar 14, 2013) ANKARA JUG - Newest Member of the JUG Community

We are happy to announce that the AnkaraJUG, which will actively promote the Java platform in Ankara, has been founded. As Ankara JUG our aim is to gather all the people related with
Java, like professional workers, students or academics under the hood of the group. We do enjoy working with Java over a decade and we want to expand the circle even more to hug more Java geeks.

For starters, we will be gathering at the last thursday of each month at the same time and same...

(Mar 8, 2013) Martin Odersky: Top Java Ambassador 2011

Martin Odersky on winning the JAX Innovation Awards 2011 in the category "Top Java Ambassador".

(Mar 5, 2013) Adopt a jsr Introduction

Recordings of the recent adopt-a-jsr online call have been published by the JCP at This contains an explanation of how to run an adopt-a-jsr program at your local JUG.

(Feb 26, 2013) Finland Java Users Group (FinJUG) Graduates Incubator

The Finland Java Users Group (FinJUG) has successfully passed the requirements for graduation from the JUG Incubator.

Congratulations to Petteri Hietavirta the JUG leader for making this happen, and welcome to the JUG Community.

(Jan 9, 2013) Jfokus Embedded Conference 5-6 February 2013

Terrence Barr and Simon Ritter will be speaking at the Jfokus Embedded conference. This conference is focused on embedded systems and is held during Jfokus 2013.

(Jan 9, 2013) NightHacking Nordic Tour Jan 25 – Feb 7

From Jan 25th to Feb 7th Stephen Chin will be traveling across the Nordic countries and doing live video streaming of the journey. Along the way he will visit user groups, interview interesting folks, and hack on open source projects. The last stop will be at Jfokus 2013!

Join Stephen Chin for the journey by watching the live stream in 3 easy steps:

1. Follow @steveonjava on Twitter to find out when the broadcast is live....

(Dec 29, 2012) Adopt a JSR

With JUG Cologne on board with JSR 346, the number of JUGs participating in the "Adopt a JSR" program has now grown to 13. Please also consider to join the effort. Check the site here that describes how to join.

(Nov 28, 2012) Mauritius Java User Group Joins JUG Community

I would like to announce the setting up of Mauritius Java User Group and also we are inviting Java Experts around the world to come and talk in our Country. We have a big java community but we are still very "old-fashion" in terms of java usage although we have big companies like Accenture,Ceridian, Infosys, TNT Express IT Department, Business & Decision and others here in our country. Since we are a bilingual community, we can welcome speaker talking either french or english. So...

(Mar 27, 2012) Google Summer of Code 2012 is on! Apply Now!

This year Jitsi is participating in GSoC under the umbrella of the XMPP Standards Foundation. To all students: check our the Jitsi project ideas and Apply Now!. You can also check the other...

(Feb 26, 2012) Java People by Zoran Sevarac

Zoran Sevarac created a great video called "Java People". Check out the video on YouTube.

(Jan 13, 2012) A further bunch of JUG web pages updated

After I've intensively updated a bunch of JUG related web pages on, especially those that can be reached from the new/updated "JUG Resources" block on our main entry page, we now have a dramatically reduced number of open issues and a better user experience. After past infrastructure changes, there are still some "old" pages that must be...

(Jan 11, 2012) Algeria JUG to Hold Third Meeting 2J2E(journée de java pour les étudiants de l'esi)

A third meeting called 2J2E(journée de java pour les étudiants de l'esi) is scheduled on 1/16/2012 at ESI ...

(Jan 9, 2012) Setting up a JSR project on

JCP 2.9 contains a number of required measures to ensure transparency of the operation of the Expert Group. JCP 2.9 JSR Specification Leads are free to come up with their own implementations of these requirements, but one way of doing them is to create a project on for the JSR. This page explains how to do this.

(Nov 28, 2011) Algeria JUG First Meeting

The Algeria JUG held their first meeting which ran in conjunction with Software Freedom Day. The event was a great success with a number of attendees.

Check out the pictures on FaceBook

(Nov 20, 2011) Robots Attempt Record Breaking Pacific Ocean Voyage

Four robots have set out on an epic 33,000 nautical mile (66,000km) journey across the Pacific Ocean. Created by US firm Liquid Robotics, the four are aiming to set the record for the longest distance at sea travelled by an unmanned craft. Throughout their journey the robots will gather lots of data about the composition and quality of sea water. The journey is expected to take about 300 days, and is designed to inspire researchers to study ocean health.

(Nov 7, 2011) Algeria JUG Growing in Popularity

Ferhat Guezlane, JUG Leader Algeria JUG, contacted me recently to tell me of all the new happenings at his JUG. You can follow along with their success at the links below.

JUG is growing larger in Algeria :

Our future events...

(Nov 7, 2011) Community happening at Devoxx

November 14th - 18th the annual Devoxx conference will take place again at Metropolis Antwerp, Belgium. In past years, the conference was always a place where the JUG community has met. If you'll join the happening for the first time, why don't you announce your appearance at the JUG leaders mailing list (must be logged-in to see the mailing lists; please monitor the list to get information about meet-...