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(Jul 8, 2014)
2014 Duke's Choice Award Nomination Open

The Duke's Choice Award program is open to all members of the Java community and nominations are accepted by anyone. Deadline for submission is Friday, July 11th, 2014 5pm PST.

(Jul 8, 2014)
Duke, the Java Mascot 2015

Back in the early days of Java development, Sun Microsystems

(Jul 8, 2014)
2014 JCP Annual Awards

The Java Community Process (JCP) program celebrates success. Members of the community nominate worthy participants, Spec Leads, and Java Specification Requests (JSRs) in order to cheer on the hard work and creativity that produces ground-breaking results for the community and industry in the Java Standard Edition (SE), Java Enterprise Edition (EE), or Java Micro Edition (ME) platforms.

The community gets together every year at the JavaOne conference to applaud in person the winners of...

(Jan 15, 2014)
Seeking Java EE developers!

A while ago a small group (lead by Markus Eisele) of us started a project called Java Countdown ( The site is meant to track visitor versions of "Java in the browser" so we can track its timely demise (and/or make sure folks have the latest version if they absolutely must use it). Given the recent security announcements (again) about Java - we hoped that this could be a force for good!...

(Jan 14, 2014) Java EE 8 survey (Part 2) - Need Your Help

We have just released the 2nd part of the Java EE 8 Community Survey, see
Please help us to spread the word!

(Dec 12, 2013)
Java EE 8 survey - Need your help

In order to gather feedback for Java EE 8, we are running a survey. To make it easier, we have divided it in two parts and it shouldn't really takes more than a few minutes to fill...
The 1st part is now available at
The 2nd and final part will be available early...

(Oct 22, 2013)
2013 Java Theme Community Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Java Theme Community Challenge! And come hear how Java is inspiring a whole generation of young developers. The JavaOne Community Keynote is all about how your work in the community and the Java ecosystem is leading to extraordinary applications and end-user benefits.

(Oct 3, 2013)
#Juggy interviews @jyeary at #JavaOne Conference. The subject? JUGs!

Juggy interviews John Yeary (@jyeary) at JavaOne Conference 2013, about JUGs and the role of User Groups in the process of continuously evolve the Java technology, about teaching programming to kids, and more.

(Aug 22, 2013)
Duke, the Java Mascot

Check out a short history of the Java Mascot Duke...

(Aug 22, 2013)
Java Embedded Challenge for Raspberry Pi at JavaOne

This year, JavaOne attendees were able to develop fun and innovative applications at the Java Embedded Challenge for Raspberry Pi.

Attendees received access to training, experts, and Raspberry Pi equipment in a dedicated room.

The resulting projects can be seen at

(Jun 6, 2013)
Adopt-a-JSR for Non-English Speakers

The JCP hosted an online meeting last week on the Adopt-a-JSR program for Non-English speakers. There over twenty Java User Group (JUG) participants on the call, and there was interest from French, German, Spanish, Portuguese JUG members.

(May 31, 2013)
The Java EE 7 Platform

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a core platform that many of us use directly or otherwise rely on.

The next release of Java's Enterprise Edition 7 is another step in the right direction for developer productivity and JCP member organisations (including ourselves!) played a key role in bringing this release out.


(May 13, 2013)
Bruno Borges joining the OTN Tour in Latin America

I will be joining the OTN Tour in Latin America between July and August this year to bring Java EE 7 content. But I need your help!

Could you please spread the word of this blog post I wrote?

It's a way to...

(May 6, 2013)
Beyond Beauty: JavaFX, I2C, Parallax, Touch, Raspberry Pi, Gyroscopes and Much More. (Part I)

When I think about realism on user interfaces, the first thing that comes to my mind is 3D. Unfortunately, 3D and embedded are two worlds that don't go along very well. When we think about embedded, we think about constrained devices, but it doesn't have to mean ugly interfaces. Now we have Java SE Embedded (which includes JavaFX), it provides us with a great tool to create astonishing UI for embedded applications.

This was my inspiration for...

(Apr 29, 2013)
Open API Hackathon: Win A Trip to JavaOne San Francisco and more!

Orange Labs is running a contest for the next cool app powered by Java, in association with City of Warsaw and with investment partner IQ Partners.

The Grand Prize is an invitation to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 & JavaOne 2013 w San Francisco

(Apr 4, 2013)
OSCON 2013 Program Announced

Registration is open for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2013 and we know you won

(Mar 16, 2013)
NetFlix CloudPrize - $200K up for grabs

This contest is for software developers.

Step 0 - You need your own GitHub account
Step 1 - Read the rules in the Wiki
Step 2 - Fork this repo to your own GitHub account
Step 3 - Send us your email address
Step 4 - Modify your copy of the repo as your Submission

NetFlix's codebase runs on the JVM and is mostly Java!

(Mar 14, 2013) ANKARA JUG - Newest Member of the JUG Community

We are happy to announce that the AnkaraJUG, which will actively promote the Java platform in Ankara, has been founded. As Ankara JUG our aim is to gather all the people related with
Java, like professional workers, students or academics under the hood of the group. We do enjoy working with Java over a decade and we want to expand the circle even more to hug more Java geeks.

For starters, we will be gathering at the last thursday of each month at the same time and same...

(Feb 26, 2013) Finland Java Users Group (FinJUG) Graduates Incubator

The Finland Java Users Group (FinJUG) has successfully passed the requirements for graduation from the JUG Incubator.

Congratulations to Petteri Hietavirta the JUG leader for making this happen, and welcome to the JUG Community.

(Dec 29, 2012) Adopt a JSR

With JUG Cologne on board with JSR 346, the number of JUGs participating in the "Adopt a JSR" program has now grown to 13. Please also consider to join the effort. Check the site here that describes how to join.