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Jugs List (Alphabetical)

Nashville Java User Group for Nashville Metropolitan area: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, ...
The New England Java Users Group (NEJUG) was formed in November 1998. It is open to everyone interested in Java and the JVM. Meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of each month. They usually start at 6pm, at the Sun Microsystems Campus in Burlington, Massachusetts.
Nevada Java Users Group
Everything about the JVM in the New England Area
This is the Nigerian Java User Group aka naijadukes project site
NL-JUG Dutch Java User Group
NormandyJUG is a French local JUG which goal is to federate java users from Normandy. We spotted here that not everybody has the opportunity to join ParisJUG or other French JUG. So if you can't go to the JUG, the JUG will come to you ! We plan to make monthly or bimestrial meetings focusing on Java technologies (Wicket, JavaFX, AspectJ, Grails ...)
Northern Virginia Java Users Group
The Northern Virginia Java Users Group is a professional organization with over two thousand members, promoting the education of Software Engineering in general, and the use of Java and related technologies in particular. We meet regularly to network and attend high quality technical presentations. Traditionally, the NovaJUG has two standing meetings a month, on the second Wednesday and fourth Tuesdays. The meetings are in the McLean and Reston, Virginia areas respectively.
We are the Group of NetBeans Users in Brazil, programmers who use or simply they admire the productivity that IDE of the NetBeans in offers them. Our main objective is to divulge its benefits in a software project, as well as, to collaborate with all the Java community in the sharing of tips, doubts and solutions concerning this tool.
NYC Java User Group. Lectures, workshops and study groups (hands on coding). Focusing on all Java related technologies for over 10 years. Stop by a general meeting (first Thursdays) at the NYPC meeting room at the New Yorker Hotel. Free and no RSVP required. Networking over dinner after meeting.
Welcome to the New York Java Special Interest Group (NYJavaSIG). The NYJavaSIG is a technical community comprised of software engineers, application architects, technical managers and new media developers that have a common interest in all aspects of Java Technology. We currently have approximately 3,400 members and meet once a month. Past speakers include Calvin Austin, Arthur van Hoff, Jim Waldo, Ed Roman, Scott Oaks, Henry Wong, Doug Lea, Bill Day, Karl Jacobs, Ethan Henry, Nat Wyatt, David Sherr, Jonathan Nobels, Bob Pasker, Simon Phipps, David Chappell, Max Goff, Jose Moreira, Maurice Balick, Rinaldo DiGiorgio, Peter Haggar, Robin Roos, Anne Thomas-Manes, Duncan Johnston-Watt, Steve Ross-Talbot and even Penn and Teller!
OGC Schemas compiled with JAXB 2
Java Users Group of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Omaha Java Users Group ( meets monthly. Everyone is welcome and we're always looking for non-marketecture speakers. We do not have dues; pizza (or some food) is frequently provided by local business supporters.
Omsk Java User Group
OrlandoJUG is the Orlando, FL Java User Group
PakistanJUG is created with the idea to arrange seminars, group meetings, conferences and symposiums in different locations/institutions in Pakistan to spread awareness and interest about java. Java Experts from local and international industry will be invited to address the group. It is also intended to participate and contribute to JSRs implementations and other java open source projects.
JUG of Paraguay is a virtual community formed by paraguayan developers who are interested in Java Technology and development tools, we focused on spanish content.
Paris Java User Group
It's the Paraíba Java Users Group from Brazil. We are coordinating the efforts in three cities, João Pessoa, Campina Grande and Patos. The group promotes reunions and lectures for it's members regularly.
The Philly JUG was founded in March 2000 and has over 1,000 members. We have been named to both the Top 25 and Top 50 programs by Sun. Please contact Dave Fecak for more information.
Phoenix Java User Group - Serving the Phoenix Java Community!
Pittsburgh Java Users Group
We are located in Cracow, Poland. We exist since 1999 as first JUG in Poland. Already organized various events including conferences in 2000 and 2002. Bruce Eckel was our guest, twice. Also polish edition of his book was our project. Currently we are reactivating and plan to organize meetings in Cracow.
PJUG is a friendly, fun group focused on Java technical issues - programming, API's, tools and techniques. Free membership open to all. Beer social usually follows meeting at a local tav. Meets the 4th Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Location and agenda on the website -
The official Java User Group of Democratic Republic of the Congo dedicated to educating developers about Java and related technologies.
RedFoot J Dukes - Grupo de Usuários Java do Norte do Paraná
The rheinjug is the Java User Group for Germany's Rhineland, located in Duesseldorf. meetings take plave about once a month at the Heinrich-Heine-University, with more than 100 attendees. It is officially registered as a non-profit organization
The Richmond Java User Group (RJUG) is for Java professionals and enthusiasts in the Richmond, VA area. We meet the third Wednesday of each month. Our goal is to provide a forum for the Java community to discuss current trends in the programming language and software development practices. We host speakers to discuss current trends in Java, JVM-hosted languages and software development practices.
Rio Java Users Group, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The RJUG exists to bring together novice and experienced developers and facilitate the sharing of knowledge about Java programming and technologies.
Ribeirão Preto Java User Group
Java Users Group from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
The ruhrjug is the Java User Group for Germany's Ruhr area. Meetings take a place in the Unperfekthaus in the city of Essen on a regular basis.
The Saint Louis Java User Group meets on the second Thursday of each month from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.
The Sarasota Java User Group is an educational and networking organization covering Java and other Open Source technologies. While we are mainly Java focused, we welcome all local developers and will cover topics such as LAMP technologies and Ruby.
Web home of the San Antonio Java User Group (JUG)
Saudi Arabia Java user group KML data for Google Maps: SAJUG @24.713621,46.676981
San Diego Java User's Group
This project aims at providing from Senegal, West Africa a meeting site where developers of Java and other technologies can exchange ideas, learn from each other and find opportunities.
Distribute Java-related knowledge through its group members and audience. Provide a meeting place for Java users to get information, share resources and solutions, increase networking, expand Java Technology expertise.
Java User Group Sibiu - Department of study and research
Silicon Valley Java Users Group
We are a large and active Java User Group in Singapore; we hold meeting every 6 to 8 weeks in central Singapore with guest speakers who present on a wide and varied topics associated with Java. We also have a lively mailing list, which we use as a discussion forum. We welcome all comers and levels; our goal is to provide a forum and a place where Java developers can discuss the language and all its associated APIs and to foster a community of Java developers within Singapore and beyond.
Salem Java Users Group
Java user group for Java developers int he greater Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho, greater Spokane Washington area. Meets monthly from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Pacific Time, on the 4th Friday of each month. Meeting location details posted on website and in email list.
Grupo destinado a la discusión sobre el desarrollo de aplicaciones y juegos para dispositivos móviles y PDAs usando la tecnología Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). Grupo destinado a la discusión sobre el desarrollo de aplicaciones y juegos para dispositivos móviles y PDAs usando la tecnología Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME).
El grupo de usuarios Java de Venezuela. Nuestro objetivo, es la de crear un intercambio de opiniones y conocimientos, EN ESPAÑOL, sobre los detalles de la programación en Java.
The Brazilian Java Users Society
The south bay Java and JVM user group is a group of software developers who get together the third thursday of every month to share ideas, best practices, and learn about new technology running on a Java Virtual Machine. We meet at the office located at 801 Parkview Dr N, El Segundo, CA 90245.
Java User Group on the Space Coast of Florida, US.
Sri Lanka Java User Group
Sussex Java User Group
Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG
SVN Source Code Repository for Hyperjaxb2
SwiXml, is a small GUI generating engine for Java , XML to JFC/Swing
Sydney Australia Java UG project