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JDK 7 Watch: UI week

It seems the Janitor is not
the only one on JDK 7 watch
these days.

Last week's JDK 7 build
was a GUI flavored one, with a couple of the most visible features
added to Java
SE 6u10 making it into the JDK 7 codebase. Alex blogged
about the addition of Nimbus Look and Feel (did you know which L&F
most people like best ?), and translucent and shaped
windows are now in. There's also a rumor that JXLayer is nearly ready -
this is the handy utility that helps you add effects to composite Swing
GUIs, like this,
or this.

And you knew that NIO2
is already in the JDK 7 builds, but you might not have known that
there are a bunch
of samples for it too.