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JDK 7: Collecting Honey

There's also
been a flurry of blogging and articles around the JDK 7 Preview,
released at JavaOne, too.

Like about Project
Jigsaw, which will modularize
the JDK. Most of the audience got it when Mark announced that Classpath
is Dead, but for a deeper dive, check out this
JavaPosse episode, where both Mark and Alex
got a grilling.

Or about the multi-language
VM work, which John
presented. And Charlie has used already in an
experimental version of JRuby. And bytecode
manipulation framework ASM has already
picked up. Who's next ?

Project Coin,
which is gathering a small set of additions to the Java language for
JDK 7 is narrowing down the many options, as you
can see from Joe's slides.

Take a look at this detailed
article about NIO2, also in the JDK 7 Preview, and which Alan
presented on.

And thankfully the is-the-G1-collector-free-or-not
storm in a teacup blew
itself out.