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2014 JCP Star Spec Leads

JCP Star Spec Leads

The JCP program is preparing to select the 2014 Star Spec Leads. Do you have candidates for 2014 Star Spec Leads? Please submit them below, if you would like to nominate a Spec Lead for this honor. Please submit your nomination before 16 January 2015 and include a couple of sentences in support of your nomination and keep in mind the selection criteria:

Spec Lead Process Category (Baseline):

  • Timely responses to EG, PMO and EC concerns
  • EG meetings and sharing of JSR comments on a regular basis
  • Leadership and Team performance (input needs to come from EG)
  • JSR progress, staying on schedule, updating schedule, staying on track and delivering on promises

Spec Lead Communications Category (Baseline):

  • Communication in the EG and w/the PMO
  • Transparency and JSR progress reports (using the tools) - use of community update pages, observer aliases, community or other tool, etc.

The following criteria is used to measure exceptional performance. It is important that Spec Leads and EG members let us know about exceptional behavior observed especially in areas where the PMO usually has no insight.

Spec Lead Process Category (Exceptional):

  • Participating in mentorships of other community members
  • Submit tutorial material to publish on
  • Managing unusual obstacles in a JSR, i.e. Spec Lead transfers JSR transfers to different entity, loss of valuable EG members.
  • New, effective and innovative ways to run-manage Egs, i.e. running active and observer groups, having voting rights and duties documented, using a project (or similar collaborative tool).
  • Maintaining the expected behavior w/a large expert group
  • Resurrect stalled JSRs
  • Dealing w/a politically sticky or tricky situation i.e. mergers and acquisitions, negotiating inclusion into umbrella JSRs
  • Engagement in evangelism in general promoting the importance of standards

Spec Lead Communications Category (Exceptional):

  • Active blogging/mentioning their JSR/JCP standards in their blog (Spec Leads are encouraged to send us links to their blogs)
  • Participate in JCP PMO podcasts or WebEx calls
  • Promoting the JCP and the Community to broader audiences (JUGs, non-Java developers, students and more)
  • Public speaking/presentations that mention standards and the JCP at industry events
  • Contributing articles and becoming a resource for contributed articles about the JCP and JSRs
  • Sharing JSR related news with the Community
  • Utilizing social media consistently including blogging for promoting and attracting support for their JSRs
  • Conducting media interviews about their JSRs

Submit your Nomination

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