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Jacob Feldman


OpenRules, Inc.

Dr. Jacob Feldman is the Founder and CTO of OpenRules, Inc., a New Jersey corporation that created and maintains the popular open source business rules management system, commonly known as OpenRulesĀ®. From 2006 through 2011, he was also Principal Investigator and Senior Research Fellow at Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C), a world leading optimization research institution located in Cork, Ireland. He has extensive experience in development of decision-support software using rule engines, constraint solvers, and machine learning technologies for real world mission-critical applications. Five patents have been awarded to him in the field of business rules and constraint programming (CP).

During 2009, Jacob served as a member of the JCP ME Executive Committee and started JSR 331, Constraint Programming API, serving as the Spec Lead. The next year, the JCP community awarded JSR 331 Most Innovative JSR of 2010, with the statement, "This JSR represents the real innovation in SE/EE since the 300 number of JSRs started; where almost every other JSR especially in SE/EE is just an upgrade to existing technologies." Now Jacob is the Maintenance Lead for JSR 331, whose latest software can be downloaded here. He remains enthusiastic about the tool, saying, "Constraint Programming (CP) gives regular software developers unprecedented power to address complex logical problems and lets them switch to declarative programming [in order to] concentrate on WHAT (problem definition) instead of HOW (problem resolution). CP brings fantastic algorithms developed by best scientists over decades to the practical world of application development, and all this comes without necessity to becoming optimization gurus." Jacob had always wanted to make CP a natural part of software development, and, as a Java developer himself, had felt the JCP program was the only practical vehicle for standardization. His hope is that JSR 331 helps bring CP to the real world of application development. Jacob graduated from the Mathematical Department of Gomel State University and defended his PhD in Computer Science in Moscow in 1986. His blogs about CP standards and JSR 331 and about OpenRules have mentioned his participation in Object Management Group's Decision Modeling Notation (OMG DMN) development. For a microblog, follow him @Jacob_OpenRules. His home base is in the greater New York City area, but he travels widely doing consulting, training, and presenting at international conferences on decision management, optimization, and practical AI. Jacob's past and present conferences are listed on the OpenRules site, along with his publications and presentations. His after-work interests include basketball, reading, more recently, skiing.