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David Nuescheler


Adobe Systems

David Nuescheler was instrumental in growing Day Software from a small multimedia agency to a global content management solution company. Since Day was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2010, David has become Vice President of Enterprise Technology.

In 1999, David began working with Java technology after the decision was made to adopt the Java platform for Day's entire suite of products. Since then, he has worked as a solution and product architect primarily on server-side web projects, participating in numerous highly visible website content management projects for the world's largest organizations. He has shared his expertise with the OASIS standards organization, and by 2001, he had joined the JCP program, where he soon became Spec Lead for JSR 170, Content Repository for Java Technology API. As soon as that effort wrapped up, he became Spec Lead for the next version, JSR 283. He is now Spec Lead of JSR 333, Content Repository API for Java Technology 2.1. The RI and TCK for JSR 333 are being developed as open source under the Apache Jackrabbit Project and through for JSR 170, JSR 283, and JSR 333. (The package space of JSRs 170, 283, and 333 is javax.jcr, hence the use of codename JaCkRabbit.)

David remains enthusiastic about content repositories, noting that they may be "the best of both worlds between relational databases and file systems." Features include transactionality and query using SQL from the relational database world as well as support hierarchies and dealing with large binary streams that are known from filesystems. He says, "A standardized content repository is the ideal store for almost any Java application." Twice, while he was working on content repositories, the JCP community nominated David Most Outstanding Java SE/EE Spec Lead (2009, 2005), and the PMO named him a Star Spec Lead. His technical prowess also landed him a guest appearance on Adobe MAX TV 2010 to talk about the multi-screen aspect of customer experience management. And although he is nowhere near the end of his career, Best of Swiss Web 2008 honored him with a Lifetime Achievement award.

David regularly updates his content in the form of Twitter posts and slideshows, all collected at Slideshare. Or sign up for his Tweets directly @davidnuescheler. David lives in Basel, Switzerland.