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JavaOne, Day One, News

Halfway through the first day of
JavaOne 2009, so much has already happened !

There'll be more about JavaFX and Java ME tomorrow, but
here's the announcements about Java SE and JavaFX so far.

The Java Store

What's the thing that will allow Java
and JavaFX developers to get their
apps out to a massive audience ? You knew it was coming ! The Java Store doing a
restricted preview of its late summer
grand opening, which means you need to sign up to try it out. The
front end is a JavaFX application, the backend, which also includes the
Java Warehouse, where
developers will submit applications that show up in the store, is a Java EE application running on Glassfish. The first
iteration is for desktop applications, with mobile apps coming later.

JavaFX 1.2
Surprise ! There's a new mobile emulator, there's a long
of new
support for RSS
and ATOM
feeds, the startup on the desktop is about 40% quicker. Try out the new samples. And
there's preview versions of JavaFX on
Solaris, Linux.

JavaFX on TV, as seen on an LG TV
set-top box ! A new JavaFX Authoring tool ! Totally new super fast
graphics stack for JavaFX. All three
by the end of this year.

Java SE

Java SE 6u14 is out with
the new 64bit
browser plugin, and an evaluation
version of the new
G1 collector. The preview
of JDK 7 is released (based on Milestone
3), and a first sighting of Project Jigsaw,
showing the JDK partitioned into a set of small modules: jdk-base,
jdk-awt, jdk-swing, jdk-tool etc that can be loaded (quickly!) with
minimal dependencies.

Deja vu moment
Rewriting StarOffice
in JavaFX ?