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Java News

April 14, 2015 -

Vlad Mihalcea explains the basics of several different locking mechanisms so you can choose the best option to avoid the frustrations of data corruption or race conditions

April 14, 2015 -

Lukas Eder explains the potential pitfalls associated with overloading methods from the Object class. Overriding is, however, strongly encouraged.

March 14, 2015 -

Tim Spann explores some of the modern design and architecture patterns, why they are necessary and the issues they address.

March 12, 2015 -

Lukas Eder points out 10 easy things we can do to make our code more scalable. Includign code samples.

March 10, 2015 -

Peter Lawrey shares an excellent explanation of exactly what happen when arithmatic operations are performed with numeric values of different typre. Including code samples.

March 09, 2015 -

Anatole Tresch gives a great overview of JSR 354 from the reasons it was needed to how to use it. Including code samples

February 22, 2015 -

JavaLand is coming soon. With lots of great Sessions and don't forget the Early Adopter Area. It will be held March 24-25 at Phantasialand, in Germany. That's right folks, you can go to a theme park, and call it work.

February 13, 2015 -

A discussion of why while(true) and for(;;) aren't generally advisable how to address them, and even when they should be used. Somehow, infinite loops and Murphy's Law seemed appropriate for Friday the 13th.

February 11, 2015 -

Mohamed Sanaulla makes an interesting argument for eliminating getters and setters from POJO code by effectively making the POJO immutable. Including code samples.

February 10, 2015 -

Pavel Bucek guides us through JSR 356, Java API for WebSocket, as it relates to thread safety.

February 09, 2015 -

Zemian Deng gives us some insight into how and when we should use backend services, for tasks like batch processing, in a servlet-based EE application.

February 06, 2015 -

Rafael Winterhalter Explains how we can use Agents to implement Annotations in our own APIs rather trivially. Including code samples.

February 05, 2015 -

Peter Daum goes over the pros and cons of injecting dependencies in various methods within your code.

February 03, 2015 -

If you'e going to be in Chicago on May 14 and 15, or even if you just want to be, Check out Chicago Coder Conference. Better yet, submit a session and help create the conference!

February 02, 2015 -

Alex Zhitnitsky gives us some lesser known use cases for threads from beginner to experts. Including code samples.

January 28, 2015 -

Michael ScharhagGives us a preview of JavaMoney, the reference implimentation for JSR 354, scheduled to be released with Java 9. Including code samples.

January 27, 2015 -

Vlad Mihalcea explain transaction isolation across all levels of an enterprise application from the database all the way through JavaEE or Spring. Including code samples

January 26, 2015 -

Mite Mitreski gives us an overview of thread locals in Java and explains how and when they should be used and the caveats of which we should be aware. Including code samples

January 23, 2015 -

Tomasz Nurkiewicz gives an example of rewriting multi-threaded code using Java 8's new CompletableFuture.

January 21, 2015 -

Dustin Marx compares and contrasts how equals(Object). hashCode(), and toString() are generated by Netbeans IntelliJ and Eclipse. Including generated code.