Skip to main content Guiding Principles is a place where people interested in the creative use of Java[tm] technology come to discuss issues, share code and techniques, and work to improve the entire Java technology-based ecology. The Community consists of many smaller self-governing sub-communities where people and organizations with similar interests can collaborate however they choose, provided they respect the Guiding Principles. Individuals and communities may join only if they agree to these principles.

The following are the initial guiding principles:

  • Maintain Compatibility: Each member and project is dedicated to the philosophy of the Java platform, which states that a common, compatible platform across a variety of hardware and software operating environments is essential for innovation. The value proposition, Write Once, Run Anywhere, is at the heart of this philosophy.

  • Maintain Focus: Each member and project is dedicated to the open and principled discussion of the direction, nature, and use of Java technologies, consistent with the overarching goals and principles of the Java language.

  • Freedom of Speech: To the extent it does not injure others and is consistent with these guiding principles, any content is welcome in the community.

  • Equal Rights and Opportunities: All community projects and members--whether companies, organizations, or individuals--are treated equally.

  • Equal Participation: All who embrace these guiding principles are welcome to join the community.

  • Fair Processes: Community activities treat all community members and projects fairly and without discrimination.

  • Recombination: Wherever possible, all contributions of source code, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials should be made available for others to build upon and share.