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JavaFX: Faster, faster !

One of the things the JavaFX
team is working at for the next release is graphics and video
performance, and, is doing so in the light of experience from app
developers with the technology.

Like book author Jim Connors,
who today posts an interesting look at ways to keep an interesting
design, but with fewer items in the scene graph to make it. Or in other
words, how
many nodes does it take to make a clock.

Or Mike Heinrichs'
excellent series on things to design for for better
performance of mobile JavaFX apps, who also concludes that a small
scenegraph is usually snappier.

He also blogs in some detail about using
Java objects from JavaFX Script, which in addition to the occasional
gotchas catalogued here, fills in the rest of the corners not
covered by just saying: import
the class and start calling the methods, which is usually all you
need to worry about.