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JavaFX: Busy Bees

You may have noticed that before JavaOne there wasn't the
normal amount of blogging in the Java/JavaFX world. But
during and since, its definitely made up for lost ground. Wow.

Like about JavaFX (eyes on the prizes ?).
Obviously, there's been a bunch of blogging about the new features in JavaFX 1.2,
that was released at the show. Top
5 feature lists, top 10
feature lists, the new
layout support, experiences deploying
from NetBeans to the new JavaFX 1.2 phones, taking the new
charting component out for a spin, and evaluating
the new performance
improvements. And the series on Pacman
in JavaFX is now complete.

Of course the samples gallery got an upgrade too: simply the quickest way to see what
JavaFX can do nowadays.

Founding Swing team member Amy
Fowler did another awesome
blog on how to use JavaFX to give your Swing app a zappier look,
and Swing/FX team stars Richard
Bair and Jasper Potts
have started a new multi-player blog
where they've already taking a fascinating
deep dive on how to skin JavaFX app. And as Tor so ably
demonstrated, the upcoming (end of the year) designer
tool is stirring up some

in JavaFX is definitely
up since JavaOne !