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JavaFX: Bring life to the scene

One cool thing about JavaFX animation
is animating
along an arbitrary path: so it was good to see Josh posting a Curve
editor in JavaFX, to ready-make a CubicCurve
to use for the animation
path of something you want to bring to life in a scenegraph.
It was a bit like Jasper's JavaFX
spline editor, which gives a real-time view of how a keyframe
animation in JavaFX is going to look. Some tips
for the design tool team, Norbyemaybe ?

And did you see yesterday's article on deploying Swing
and JavaFX applets ? A step by step walk through of how end-users
are going first to experience your JavaFX/Swing app. On a variety of
browsers, and depending on whether they already have the JRE
installed. You can see why Java
Auto-Update is so important, even if the install
process got even more simplified.