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Java ME Defragmentation

For those of you concerned
about Java ME fragmentation, you were probably pleased about the creation of JATAF - a group of mobile
companies (and Sun) getting together to try to sort out the issues of
differences in implementation, quality, and performance that even the best API specs can't
always iron out.

Such organizations often flirt with an excess of hot air, but happily,
this organization is taking a practical approach - by basing their
efforts around collecting up a big set of tests that plug into a test
framework that originated in a Sun testing product
called JDTS for mobile devices that can run its 12,000 or so tests
on Java ME mobile devices and that's been around for quite some time.
Such tests assume API compatibility, which is what the JCP requires, taking testing to a deeper level by
probing the other implementation qualities such as reliability and

One step that made this possible was the open sourcing of the test
framework, the Java Device
Testing Framework from the Sun product. So now folks can sign up to
JATAF and submit tests into the framework
for all to use. There's over 70 already. You can read
more at Terrence's blog, or listen in to the latest
Java Mobility Podcast.