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Here in the world of JavaFX 1.1.1

It was easy to miss Tuesday's 1.1.1 update to the JavaFX platform,
SDK, NetBeans and Production
Suite in the week Sun kicked off the JavaFX coding challenge. You may
have heard about it.

The update fixes some reported
stability bugs playing Flash video on
Windows and MAC platforms in JavaFX.

And in what can only be a sign of a special adulation of The Planetarium, a new
celebratory sample
animating the planets has been included, together with a page turner of a
sample. also posted some new articles on graphing, mobile
and faster
startup, by checking for any updates in the background instead of

And you may have missed that tools guru and Java Posse cohost Tor Norbye has joined
the JavaFX team, to work on the next iteration of the tools
support. Good news indeed for those who want more in this area.

And while Tor blogs
about mixing Swing components into JavaFX applications and hinting at
more JavaFX Script components to come, JavaWorld is running a neat
article on how to wrap Swing
components for JavaFX Script developers.