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Garbage First 'quite zippy'

You've probably been told over the
years how great JVMs are. How well they've
scaled, perform under a variety
of different loads. How its doing its part to take advantage of the
power of multi-core systems now that cranking the clock
rate is almost wrung dry.

The automatic memory management provided by the JVM's garbage collector
is one of the most important aspects of scaling the JVM. There are many
different kinds - as this great primer

The new (free)
Garbage First collector in beta form for evaluation in Java SE 6u14,
and which will ship production quality in JDK 7 is summarized succinctly
here, and you can find a more
detail here about this generational, compacting,
mostly parallel
collector that offers a much smoother ride that the CMS
collector will replace.

And some early
signs of use are encouraging !