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why was my project deleted and how can I get a dump of my files?

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Joined: 2006-08-15

Hi, a few years ago I had the "jrc" projected hosted on The project went inactive for a while.

Today when I got email from users asking where they can find jrc, and then I noticed that the project is gone from

Searching my mail archive I found this one email from last 2011:

The jrc project has been locked by the site administrator.

While this project is locked, you may not create or change artifacts (news
items, issues/artifacts, files, code, etc.). In addition, you may not add
members to this project.

Contact the site administrator for more information.

It didn't explain the reason for the lock. Unfortunately I don't have the files on any of my computer any more. Could I hopefully get a dump from


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Joined: 2011-05-20

Hello, benyu. We migrated off of the site and infrastructure over a year ago. It was an opt-in process for project owners. We sent out lots and lots of emails and had the announcements onsite for over a year. I apologise if you only received one email. But, if you did not request for your project to be moved, it wasn't.

We do still have the last code dump from CollabNet. You can request a copy of the code by filing a bug here: asking for a tar ball of the jrc project from the old site. It usually takes them a week or two to put them together. If it's small they'll email it to you, if it's larger they will make it available via FTP. If you'd like to start a new jrc project on the site, please feel free to do so.

Thank you,
Tonya R. Moore
Assistant Community Manager

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testing testing testing

Joined: 2006-08-15

Thanks for the reply. I have opened a bug at kenai to request a copy: