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Is there a problem with SVN on

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In the last 2 weeks we have been facing problems with SVN in for 2 projects that we are actively using:


2 examples of problems:

- I am sharing a new project in the repository. This project does not exist in the repository. An error message appears to tell me that the project is already in the repository.

- I have a project in the repository. I change a file locally. The yellow cyclinder still appear for the file as if it is synchronous with the version in the repository. Of course it is not.

Are there some problems with SVN currently?



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I am not aware of any problems with SVN. What SVN client are you using? Have you tried using one of the clients on the subversion site:

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I'm not sure what's happening with your repositories.  I filed a bug on your behalf here.  Usually someone from the Kenai team will post here with a response shortly. 

Sonya Barry Community Manager