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Links for downloading JAX-RS reference implementation (Jersey) seem to be broken

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Joined: 2006-07-02

I'm trying download the Jersey reference implementation but all of the links seem to be broken.

On the main Jersey page,
(1) Download link on the left points to a user guide instead of a download.
(2) Download links on the right to 3 diff versions are all broken
says "To add content to your website, use webdavs."

All of the links on this page are broken:

This page promises downloads but doesn't deliver:

What's the story here?

Is this top secret or something?

Is anyone actually using this for restful web-services?

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Joined: 2008-10-24

Hi thebeast,

thanks for letting us know, download links are fixed now.

jersey 2.0 is available on maven central, see|ga|1|org.glassfish.jersey , all jersey bundles are available there as well.

Jersey is distributed mainly via maven, so I'd recommend using it for dependency management. See Jersey user guide [1] for detailed instructions.

If you have any other issue related to Jersey (project page, documentation, functionality), please send us a note to



Joined: 2011-05-20

Hello, thebeast. I sent an email to the Jersey admins pointing to your question in this forum.

For future reference, you can email the admins of any project with admins@{projectname}, or any user with {username}

Thank you,

Tonya R. Moore
Assistant Community Manager