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J2EE 7 + Glassfish 4 + Netbeans 8: firstcup issues

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Hi all,
This is my first message. I'm trying to understand how to better use this forum.
I'm a very beginner to j2ee and i need maybe support for very trivial issues. Is this the right forum to post? If not, please apologize me, and move such post to the right place.

I'm developing the first cup tutorial,
and of course something is not working properly but i don't understand how to investigate in order to find the solution.
I used glassfish and netbeans.
After having fixed some typo, I'm still not able to perform a correct execution of firstcup-war (it's the comparison of Duke's age with the user's one)
I have the following issues:
1) SEVERE:   SEC5054: Certificate has expired
---> but i think i found here: the solution
2) when the browser opens the page it shows me that "Duke is0 years old today." <<< NOTE: 0 years old!! this means it does not init the internal variable.
How can I debug this to see if it is correctly set? how can I print (i.e. system.out.println) the value, just for the sake of debug purposes?

java.sql.SQLException: Table/View 'SEQUENCE' already exists in Schema 'APP'.

Not clear at all how to even investigate such problem. I cannot find the table...
4) everytime i insert any date I receive the following messages into glassfish console:
SEVERE:   processing of HTTP response failed
INFO:   Raw ageDifference is :15
INFO:   age diff from dukesbday 15
INFO:   absAgeDiff 15
INFO:   average age difference is null
INFO:   averageAgeDifference null
SEVERE:   processing of HTTP response failed

I don't know if those issues cause the error and/or if they are related!
another question:
5) How can I access the db to better understand data it contains? It is the javadb (derby) instance (maybe already into netbeans)

I'm very sorry if questions are so trivial...
hope someone could help clarifying my doubts

Thanks in advance

PS: I just realized that this topic should be moved to "general programming help" maybe! I think a j2ee subforum would be great