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I want to link an offsite project: jMonkeyEngine

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Hi, I've contacted the community manager about linking jMonkeyEngine, but I don't seem to be getting any response.

Hope you won't mind me restating my inquiry here:

You can find our member button added at the bottom here:

(You wouldn't happen to have a transparent .png, .gif or .svg of that would you?)

does directory membership also constitute being added to the blog aggregator, or is that a separate thing? In any case, we'd really love to be added there as well. We're expecting to release jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Stable within 1-2 weeks and would greatly appreciate any help we can get spreading the word.

In case the project is new to you, it's entirely open source and based on the NetBeans Platform, so your Guiding Principles suited us just fine :)