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Posted by kujta1 on July 22, 2011 at 5:06 PM PDT

i want to make an application in which there are registered users. so users can put data in database, can see data from database.

my application is there are different doctors from different places and they have common patients( clients) that they care about patients. so they want always what the give to patients (clients) they write in database so to keep every information about patients(clients).

what to chose to implement this?

i want to be like application(not on browser) so that I can manage to do this. So give me some help how to implement .

i have to make a applet or Servlet or ....


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I would use a standard Java SE application, connector J and a mysql database running on the internet. All the info is stored at the database, each doctor has his client application.

Your work is to take the data the doctors input and store it correctly to the database. You can also develop modules that allow the doctors search etc.

I have done some projects like this one before, big size ones and small size ones.

I have a personal phonebook that uses this philosophy uploaded here:

svn checkout phonehughes-read-only

Good Luck!