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usic sound recognition

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Posted by maxmagnus on February 24, 2011 at 6:45 AM PST

I need help on a small proect I'm working on (naturally).
(pardon me if my terminology is a bit off here).
What is the goal: recognition of a sound (for example guitar) over microphone input.
No interfaces, no complicated stuff that takes a lot of time for you to write.
For example if a string E is picked on the guitar the output in NetBeans should be the name of that sound for example (E2 where 2 is octave in which taht sound is).
The rest of the project I will write myself.
Thank you in advance for your time you took to read this post and to respond :)


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usic sound recognition

The name of the toppic should be Sound recognision

usic sound recognition

Really good post, couldn't have asked for more!!..