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Small Simple Game Project Assistance

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Hi im looking mainly for beginners trying to learn Java hand by hand.
I tend to learn faster through groups and by working on it rather than reading and reading books.

I want a simple game, However im looking to do ping pong (to Basic and to easy).
I want like a simple maybe rpg or a shooting game or a racing game.
Nothing too hard or easy (Needs to take me about the most a month to make and 2 weeks the least).

I want a group (4 people) who are beginners looking to code together.

I also would like an advance/intermediate java coder for reference (if you have time) to help us whenn ever we get stuck.

Anyone is welcome and please contact me 24-7 at AndreeU17 (skype)

Thanks and any question please feel free to ask.

AndreeU17 (Jonathan Vazquez)

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Hi Andree,

I am interested to work with you. Please let me now further details and when to start.

Skype: ranskype12

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Hi I'm ready to help and participate in project. Java beginner.

My email:

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I will join to you group if you send to me your some (started) code.


i am beginner in Java too and like to write code in group (simple code yet).

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I can assist you. Contact me at
I'd like to contribute to your project.