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Looking to do a project

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Posted by neoanomally on August 12, 2012 at 6:31 AM PDT

Hi, all! I have been programming for over 3 years. Most of my experience is in python and javascript. I don't have too much real experience, because my job is primarily infrastructure working on Linux servers.

I have been interested to do a Java project at work, but until I switch teams I'm going to be stuck doing infrastructure. I would really love to be apart of some kind of open source project where I could actually put my skills to use as well as gain some experience from more seasoned Java programmers.


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Re: Looking to do a project

Would you be interested in this project below?

We need Java Programmers willing to work Part-Time, as your schedule permits, on a revolutionary genealogical prototype that can merge all types of genealogical files/records and perform automated research. We have a unique solution to solving the current genealogical limitations found in current programs. Also, our prototype has a myriad of applications to many vertical markets requiring the ability to automatically organize, classify, and analyze raw data, and derive family, and any type of, relationships with a variety of sophisticated mathematical algorithms and tools. Some of the solutions to the following data structure problems include:
1. The inability to convert family group sheets into a family lineage structure (commonly referred to as a tree structure).
2. The inability to allow a true merge of multiple genealogy files.
3. The inability to enter into a family file and choose any individual as the person from whom to build the lineage tree.
4. The inability to account for overlapping of ancestral lines as a researcher moves back in history.
5. The inability to add unlimited data about a person in his/her personal information. This would help researchers match people and improve the probabilities of matching.

In addition to these inherent problems in current technology, the program will more effectively account for multiple marriages, half siblings, illegitimate children and adopted children, including the ability for an adopted child to have his blood line and adoptive line in the same data file. We have successfully built the “back end” and the algorithms are working as expected. We need to build the front end GUI and that’s where we need your expertise.

In exchange for your efforts you will receive company ownership until we become funded. There is no need to abandon your current job and you may be offered a Full Time position upon funding.

Minimum requirements:

1. Proficiency in the Java Swing programming with minimum 3 years experience.
2. Proficiency in the Eclipse development environment.
3. Proficiency in the Apache Ant tool.
4. Excellency in software annotation and testing.
5. Excellency in verbal/written communication.
6. Understanding in Human Factor issues in GUI design.
7. Understanding in software internationalization.
8. Understanding in software processes.

Preferred skills:

1. Programming docking/floating GUI objects in Java.
2. Understanding the GEDCOM specification.

Basically, we need individuals who will work on the overall GUI with docking feature and others who will work on the development of the Family Group Sheet interface.

For more information please contact Ernest Lopez at 801-358-9216 or via e-mail at

Re: Looking to do a project

Hello, I'm also interested in getting involved with some project in java to get more experience. If you have any news comes in contact with me,

Re: Looking to do a project

Hi, I'm intresting in this IDEA. Be easey to contact me, I'm a java/J2EE developper for over 2 years, and I love java developement. My E-mail is