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Invitation for Open Source Project

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Posted by rcbandit on July 19, 2011 at 2:18 AM PDT

I'm starting a open source project which involves web based Java, JBoss application server and JBoss Seam framework. I'm a student and I work on the project in my free time for training. Every one who want to take a part in this hobby project in his free time is invited.
Send me e-mail.

peter. penzov(at)gmail. com

I will send you development information



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Re: Invitation for Open Source Project

Dear Sir,

I am interested to work in this Project..I have little experience with Java but want to take part in a project for my future benefit..

I read your topic and i will appreciate if you allow me to join the project so that i can help you in it and also learn from it too..

write me at



Re: Invitation for Open Source Project

Hy rcbandit, can you give detailed project description.