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Help me to finish this interface codings please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I need to make employee id to be autoincrement.
wanna load details on a raw, back to text field when clickin on a raw.
Want to make status no, yes when clicking the Activation button, and the raw must be highlighted with red colour.

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when you say 'autoincrement', do you mean to generate a random employee id automatically? if so make use of this line of code.

double x = Math.round(Math.random()*1000); //any number can serve

But if you mean an orderly mode(1,2,3,4) of giving employee id to customer, then you have to specify it in the database, setting the column value of employeeId in the database as autoincrement, so that ones you click save, the data goes to the database and saves and at same time increments the employee id. Be specific with your questions. Good luck...

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I am Converting google visualization charts to PDF file . I am Using core-renderer-R8pre2.jar and iText jars . I am doing the project in google app engine environment. I am getting error like following

access denied ( /home/.flyingsaucer/local.xhtmlrenderer.conf read) warn
javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.awt.geom.AffineTransform is a restricted class. Please see the Google App Engine developer's guide for more details.
at org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.doHandlePageException(
at org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.handlePageException(
at org.apache.jsp.Test_005fExport_jsp._jspService(
at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service(

How can I resolve this for getting Pdf file .

Thank You ,