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Help in File Handling Project

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Posted by yaigesh on August 24, 2012 at 7:06 PM PDT

Hi All

I am new to this forum and would like to get some help on my project

Outline of project:

In this project, would like to copy images from one drive to another and put them all in one folder.. The main purpose of this is that the images represent some parts of inventory and if someone has the part number and put the part number for search, he will get the image of that part.

Later one product can have multiple parts and if we choose a product, and search it, it should list all the parts included in it.. and then same as above (like we can click on individual part to see the image)

I am making it a GUI application using NetBeans...

My questions:

1. how to copy files from one place to another..
2. is there any option such as file origin and file destination?

3. How to use Menus to pop up windows.. I tried, but I am not able to display the form.. I mean when I click one Menu Item, it does nothing..

Coding (this is the coding to show a form name ""

public void showUpload()
if (upImage==null) // upImage is a variable of JDialog type
JFrame mainFrame = UploadImageApp.getApplication().getMainFrame();
upImage= new Upload(mainFrame);

I am calling this method on click of "Set Action" in Menu Item property..

please see the screen shot for further reference

screenshot.jpg282.43 KB