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Dev wanted for new voxel game project

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Initial disclaimer: I can barely keep track of this project myself, and we only have 2 active devs so far. I understand that this project may be poorly managed, but we have some progress and an idea.

Mosstest is a voxel-based game similar to Minecraft, started as a self-education project by two friends, but now made more into a game that we'd like to eventually release. We are trying to make improvements in scripting, performance, and security, over two existing games, Minecraft and Minetest, at least after we get our version playable.

The game is operated with a client-server model and JavaScript in Rhino on both sides with sandboxing, something neither of us are extremely familiar with. It's really a project of relative beginners.

If you'd like to see the code, it's at GitHub. If anyone's interested, it would be great to hear from you, though I do realize that this project may not be the best to join, due to its haphazard organization.