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Botbreeders Toolbox

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Posted by newbie1kenobi on November 25, 2012 at 8:18 AM PST

Hi everyone !

Botbreeders is an idea i'm currently working on, just for fun.

Please have a look at :
- Push3 :
- Sikuli :

If you mix them, you'll have genetically evolved bots, that can do things on a computer by taking control of mouse and keyboard. I know, it's stupid.
(Press "Esc" to kill the bot.)

Instead of using Push3, the plan is to develop a multi-agent (or at least multi-thread) stack-based programming language, so the bots can have "brain lobes". Many Java APIs can later be integrated into it, to extend its capabilities (new stack types, new methods). We'll need an "image" stack type. We can even add a "belief" stack type for bayesian inference, maybe.

An IDE will be created, so the user can grow bots, explore their "brains", evolve parts of them, and share parts of them using a built-in Bittorrent client.

The goal is to learn Java, and I would appreciate working with other newbies. Help from more experienced programmers is welcome of course.

Comments are also appreciated !


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Re: Botbreeders Toolbox

Did you want to implement Push3 as Java Beans and then add to it, or did you have ideas for extending it? I'd be more than happy to begin doing that unless you wanted to work on the UI first in which case I think we should start with Sikuli first

Re: Botbreeders Toolbox

I'm sorry, this is not the right place ! We should continue this discussion on the forum of the project. You can access it by clicking the "My Projects" button : it's blue, on the right side of the screen, at the top of the page, just under the login/logout/help links.

Re: Botbreeders Toolbox

I was intrested in core contributions to the project as well. My email is

Re: Botbreeders Toolbox

Hey Geek,

u can contact me if u need anything regarding threads or resolving any issue. just drop a mail to

Re: Botbreeders Toolbox


Re: Botbreeders Toolbox

If you're interested, you must contact me >

If you post something here, you'll be automatically added as a member of the Botbreeders Toolbox Project, on "". Then, you can access project's wiki and forum.

Thanx :-)