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AlgART Java libraries - open source project

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I would like to present my project "AlgART Java libraries":
For a long time, since staring my work over this library 7 years ago, it was a proprietary library of our company SIAMS. However, several months ago we decided to make it open source. It is distributed under MIT license, so, anyone can use it for free without anyt restrictions. Of course, I'm interested in comments and bug reports; welcome to use it.
I'm sorry that documentation and set of examples are not full enough yet. However, almost all classes and methods are thoroughly documented via JavaDoc (you may read full JavaDoc at the site). All sources are available via BitBucket: see the site. Main features: 63-bit addressing of array elements (instead of Java standard limit 31 bit), memory model concept, wide usage of lazy evaluations, wide set of image processing algorithms, built-in multithreading optimization for multi-core processors; see details at the site.
I'm sorry if my post is accidentally violated some rules; if here is more suitable section, I ask moderators to move my message there.