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Java app taking my CPU to 100%

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Help! Who knows the right answer to this Q?

- On a Vista machine running IE and typical Java, should I set my BIOS to allow my CPU to run in VT mode? My BIOS has an option "VT" which is described as follows: "VT enables a CPU feature to run multiple simultaneous Virtual Machines allowing specialized software to run in full isolation of each other. HP recommends disabling this feature unless specialized applications are being used." (This is currently disabled)

Does JAVA qualify as "specialized software" for the purposes of this mode? I am just a user running Vista, IE9 and Java 6 SE ver 6 updt 32.

- I am having a problem with a Java application (a stockmarket trading platform called Market-Q, which is a Java application that runs in a browser window). It starts out taking very little of my Intel Core2 Quad Q6600, but often it will shortly spike to about 25% consistently, and then work it's way over a couple hours - or less - to 100% CPU load. It only gets worse once the climb has started.

I have the latest Java 6 installed (not Beta 7) and there are two ways to run it. Either enabling the "next-generation" java plug-in or not. The Java "next-generation plug-in" is described here:

Essentially it's described as using virtual machine technology. "Applets instead of being executed in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) instance embedded in the web browser's process, are run in separate JVM instances which are launched by the plug-in's code. As a result the next-generation plug-in runs applets outside of the browser in one or more separate processes. Applets still appear inside of the web browser window, but now it is possible to use different Java versions and configurations to run different applets."

With the Java "next-gen" plug-in enabled, "Java" is shown as the CPU hog, whereas with the next-gen plug-in disabled, Java runs entirely in IE so Internet Explorer is shown as the problem process. Either way it is really the Java running the CPU up. My tech support chats with the company InteractiveData are ongoing...

I have asked them this same question but not received a "final answer". So again, might JAVA qualify as "specialized software" that would fit this description? Would it be right, or wrong, or make no difference to enable this "VT" mode in my BIOS. Or, is Windows Vista controlling this through software anyway? i.e. Does Vista handle these CPU capabilities automatically regardless of what I set in the BIOS?

Appreciate any and all factual responses or educated guesses - but somebody out there has to know the right answer to this.


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Thank you kirild
Much appreciated!

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I expect it is something to do with the application, and you should pursue their tech support people for a resolution. The VT flag in the BIOS has nothing to do with Java Virtual Machines -- it is for Virtual Machines along the lines of VMWare.