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PhoneME Advanced for Nokia N900 (Maemo 5)

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I apologise if this is not the place to ask but I am looking for help in compiling PhoneME, and the official forum doesn't seem to be getting any results.

I own a Nokia N900 which runs Maemo 5 - a customised variant of Debian ARM.

JavaSE has been available for a while nowas part of IcedTea and JavaSE for Embedded providing a version to run on ARM processors, and through this the community have been using MicroEmulator to run Midlets - in particular we have been using Opera Mini to provide a way of internet browsing when bandwidth is limited to 2G areas. I posted a guide on how this could be accomplished -

It has worked so far but does have it's issues (capitals and numeric values in text fields for example), in particular the need to run a Java VM to run a java-based Java ME emulator in order to run a midlet - this eats processor, memory and power.

I stumbled upon PhoneME as a way of running a native JavaME environment to run Jar/Jad files, which would be much more efficient! Unfortunately I realised I would need to learn how to download source and compile this, and coming from a newbie-ish background this is very challenging.

After some research and guides from some very talented people, I found out how to use the N900 to create a build environment to compile on device DIRECTLY.

The guides say the environment contains the N900 SDK, MAKE, GCC, and OpenJDK. No path variables, environment variables, or symlinks have been set.

It is an ext2 image which can be chrooted into, so it does not affect the core operating system.

So far I have managed to install Subversion (svn) command and download everything in the components folder from the svn respoitory at

I have included the additional JSR entries, I'm guessing these can enable access to the hardware of the N900, including network, filesystem, GPS and Bluetooth.

At this point I do not know what to do in order to continue - I have never compiled anything before and don't have the first clue on how to build.

Any easy to follow guide you could provide would be very helpful.

Better yet, if you are able to compile this for N900 it would be greatly appreciated. I would still be interested to find out the build process and create a guide for future reference