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Thinlet and Phoneme Advanced in Windows Mobile

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Hi everybody! I've seen some old topics about thinlet in this forum that says that people had problems doing thinlet functional with phoneme advanced in Windows Mobile. I've also seen replies that says that maybe it's an issue of compatibility about versions (phoneme uses JDK 1.4.2 and thinlet uses JDK 1.5). I'm wondering if the problem that they had is similar to mine. The only problem that i'm having it's that even though the display of the forms is ok in my phone i can't write in textfields/textareas and also i can't select options in combobox; i mean i can't do anything :( I've tried with all the old versions of thinlet and i haven't had any result, can you help me pleaaaaase? Someone knows what could be wrong about this? Or what kind of problems did you have doing thinlet functional with phoneme? Or which version of thinlet did you use with phoneme? Or which generics in the source code of thinlet are not compatible with JDK 1.4?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Miriam,

A long time ago, I implemented a small application with an older version of Thinlet (look for
that was compatible with JDK 1.4. However, I am not sure whether I used my own phoneME VM or IBM J9.

When I now try to run the demo application of Thinlet I see the same issues you mentioned. Also, when I try to run
the demo application with J9, the VM just crashes. The crash could be due to an incompatibility between J9 and
Windows Mobile 6.5. I have not tried on an older Windows Mobile edition.

Best regards,