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Issue in using java.awt packages with phonem cvm

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I have my proprietary implementation of java.awt packages which the application is linked with.
When I try to run the application, these are not getting executed. When I change the package name to non standard name, it works fine.
What should be done to make the cvm recognize the standard packages that I am using externally to the VM.

Can anyone please help me to resolve this.


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If you are packaging java.* classes with your app and adding them to the -classpath, the classloader will throw a SecurityException. All java.* classes need to be on the -Xbootclasspath. You could put your app there too, but it would be best to put your app in its own jar file so it can remain on the -classpath.
If you have natives, -classpath natives need to be in a directory specified by -Djava.library.path and -Xbootclasspath natives need to be in a directory specified by -Xsun.boot.library.path (which already includes the cvm lib directory).