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Fwd: CDC 1.0

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Hinkmond Wong Guest
Joined: 2010-11-03

On 2/11/2011 1:41 AM, Vasco Ribeiro wrote:
> Hi Hinkmond,
> Could you please tell me what are the differences, in the hardware,
> that would make me chose between CDC 1.0 or CDC 1.1?
> Thank you
> Vasco

Hi Vasco,

Moving your question over to our phoneME Advanced forum. Please ask
your questions directly to the phoneME Advanced forum group
( instead of to me. I cannot guarantee
that I can answer you in a timely manner or at all if I am busy, so
others on the forum will be able to help you quicker than I can. Plus,
others in the open source community will be able to benefit from the
answers to your questions when they are publicly seen.

CDC 1.0 is obsolete and I believe is technically end-of-life'd. So, CDC
1.1 (same as phoneME Advanced MR2) would be the best choice because it
is most recent code and has wider hardware support.