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CDC 1.0 or CDC 1.1

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Vasco Ribeiro Guest
Joined: 2011-02-11

Good day,

I have some devices that are running on Windows Mobile 5.0.
They got 128 MB of Rom memory, and 64 MB of principal memory, they are
running at 300 MHZ they are Acer n300 Handheld.

I have to do a development in Java for these devices, I'm a Netbeans
Could you please tell me if there are any differences in hardware that would
justify the choose from CDC 1.0 to CDC 1.1?

What sdk should I chose for it?

Thank you


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Joined: 2007-01-03

I think there is no reason why you should stick to CDC 1.0. The CDC 1.1
and related
profiles (Foundation Profile and Personal Profile) run fine on Windows
Mobile 5
with those hardware specs. Even Windows Mobile 2003 can handle them

Give the builds at
a spin and check for yourself.