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XAIT signalling of privileged certificate SHA-1 hash

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We have a signed application that requires privileges for class loading.

If I understand correctly, in order to grant this we need one of the certificates to be privileged by having it's SHA-1 hash signalled in the XAIT. So we have 2 questions;

1) How do we extract the SHA-1 hash from the certificate (or do we generate a SHA-1 hash of the certificate)?

2) What do we put in the to signal the hash?

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To generate the hash(es), simply compute the SHA-1 hash of 1 or more of the certificates in the chain used to sign your application that needs MonAppPermission. A single 20-byte (160-bit) SHA-1 hash for a single certificate. The spec allows you to provide multiple hashes in case there are multiple privileged apps signed by multiple authorities.

To put this information into a file, see the following wiki:

Look for "Privileged Certificates"