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Why the Front Panel Manager initialisation is different.

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I'm interested to know why the FrontPanelManager implementation is initialised differently to the other managers?
The managers initialised by ManagerManager are all stored in org/cablelabs/imp/manager of their source directories respectively. However the FrontPanelManager is stored in org/ocap/hardware??
Also FrontPanelManager is a class, with FrontPanelManagerImpl extending it. The other managers are interfaces each with its own implementation class. I am confused as to why FrontPanelManager is not also an Interface with FrontPanelManagerImpl implementing it??
The reason I ask is that I wanted to auto start the front panel manager by the following to
However, the current implementation does not allow this.

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FrontPanelManager is an API defined in the OCAP specification. RI "Managers" are objects that manage various functional areas of the stack. The naming is just a coincidence. RI Managers all implement the org.cablelabs.impl.manager.Manager interface.